PUNK NEWS! Jan 16th-22nd 2012

Punk News #2

Van Halen released their first new single in years onto the internet to the opposite of rave reviews. The song's unfavourable reviews came on because the bulk of their fanbase is unable to work the internet. Another source has said that the negative feedback was mainly due to the song sucking.

Mtl's Tightrope and Ont's Brutal Youth have released a 10" split, and I've already listened to it. Why? Because it is posted right here, and it rocks. http://myfingersmybrainrecords.bandcamp.com/album/tightrope-brutal-youth-split

In other news apparently emo kids are still crying about Thursday's break up back in November. Some one told them to shut up because The Suicide Machines were booking gigs again. Somehow I doubt they'll head west, but man do I ever love The Suicide Machines.


Vancouver indie punk act Carpenter have announced that they are writing a new album. And to this I say announce when it is done. Or quit your band and become a real carpenter, I heard there's good money in that.

If ska is your bag then get your butt out to The Fairview on Friday the 20th to see The Bone Daddies last show for 6 months. Billy Butcher headlines with a show that boasts; "Who likes midgets, monkeys, clowns, conjoined twins and loud rock n roll?" They've got my vote.

Also on Friday The Authorities are down from LA and playing at the Princeton Pub alongside Vancouver's very own Strugglers. They've billed it as some sort of boxing match which is retarded because a fight would be the last thing I'd want to see there. Then again both bands are full of old men, so maybe if they started swinging their canes around the "no holds barred punk rock battle royale" might get interesting. Anyway, my money's on that it'll be a good show regardless of it being at The Princeton Pub. This show has also been voted show most likely to have a skinhead punch someone's lights out at.

It's a big weekend of punk and all around craziness at Funky Winkerbeans. What else is new? On Friday the 20th there is a benefit for the lovely Mya Mayhem, and how could you say no to that face? Just when you thought she couldn't do any more for the community she ups and leaves to Africa, my guess is that her mission will have something to do with helping animals or feeding the needy. And you got enough to eat right? Well then might as well get your fill of drink at Funky's and feel like you're giving back while moshing to some power violence bands.

On Sat the 21st at Funky's, Alcohol White Trash and Lesbian Fist Magnet, two of Victoria's best imports that play the mainland on the reg are coming back to shit on our stage again. If that wasn't enough you get Car 87 as well, and in my opinion they're the most exciting new punk band in the city. But who knows maybe that award can be passed down to Gnarcoleptics or Wauzted who open. There's no lack of bands at this show.

But if you prefer your punk a little less dirty, with tighter jeans and t-shirts, then the Interurban (and trust me, it's urban) Gallery has Mean Jeans from Portland who probably cite The Ramones as one of their biggest influences. You get Pangea from LA along with locals Wars, Hole in My Head and Mete Pills. That name makes no sense to me, so I hate it.

And if you don't know where the after party is, well, then you're fuckin' stupid. There's going to be a pig there. No, not a Chi Pig, a Piggy. Never one to hold back I can't help but relate such an awful band name to my least favourite and most annoying of all the muppets. When Piggy was looking for singers I couldn't believe they didn't end up with Chi, then they could have changed their name to Chi Piggy. Anyway, go to Iron Road Saturday night if you still haven't caught your fill of the punk.

Come back next week to read more bullshit.


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