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CRYSTAL SWELLS - Tell it like it is, or was...

As promised here's my transcription of a Crystal Swells interview I did a few months back. It was for my first article ever to be published in BeatRoute, and even though I had to turn this into 400 words, and the picture was questionable, it turned out pretty alright. The guys were hilarious, and offered to buy me a drink, luckily for them I wasn't drinking at the time, so it saved them 5 bucks.

The band features Nick on guitar and vocals, Joel on bass and vocals, Ross on the drums and Tim on guitar. We did the interview at the Astoria, but I ended up dodging out before they played because it was a week night and I was being wimpy. Luckily I was able to see them on that stage again and they blew it to smithereens with their surfy garage rock madness. Then I recently took in another one of their shows at the Railway just last weekend and I danced until the soles wore away on my shoes, it was that good. I had to take an expensive cab ride home because of my shoes, but it was tot…

Rad Disaster in long form.

So I have started writing for the BeatRoute magazine because it now features some Skinny Magazine content across about four pages, and what would the Skinny Magazine be without my name in it? Nothing, that's what!! OK, it'd still be something. Anyway, I go off and interview bands that I want to interview, transcribe our conversations and then chop everything out in an attempt to fit it into 400 words. The whole flow of the conversation goes to shit, so I figured I might as well just post my transcription in my blog for a good laugh. These guys are pretty darn funny. I will eventually get around to doing this for Crystal Swells as well, both bands playing Oct 6th (this Saturday!) @ The Railway Club for the Rad Disaster CD Release party. It's going to be a wild evening of great tunes.

To set the scene I suppose I could let you know that Lee is the guitarist/vocalist, Pat Truman is the bassist/vocalist and Tyler is the drummer/vocalist. Also most of the words that came from L…