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Top Ten Vancouver Bands That I'd Love to See Play A Reunion Show.

While I was attending Burger Fest this summer I felt some feelings. I stood outside of the Waldorf watching and listening to Joyce Collingwood performing their reunion set and it took me back to a time that seemed a little more care free. That band played some great shows a few years back and even garnered a fair amount of attention. While reunion shows typically always disappoint, this would not be one of those times. They shredded a super tight set that left me thinking, 'dang, I missed that band.' And just like a puff of smoke they disappeared for good. You know it's officially over when they're throwing every piece of remaining Joyce Collingwood merch they have left into the crowd. Fast forward a couple days and it got me thinking about all the other Vancouver bands that I'd love to see do a reunion set. Then I thought maybe I should even formulate a list. Fast forward a couple months and I finally did it!

   This year has already seen such great bands like Hum…