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Top Ten Shows of 2010 (Pt.5)

2. Thursday September 9th 2010, Man Man @ The Rickshaw Theatre. 

I couldn't for the life of me find a jpg of the gig poster. I searched and searched and finally found one on flickr that was picture of the poster on a pole. But alas it was copywritten and I could not D/L it. Oh well, I saw lots of the posters on the street and I guess that is what mattered.

In all truthfulness I was really burned out for this show. Real Problems had just come off our little tour and before I could get a days rest it was back to the fray, more live music! But it was totally worth it because Man Man is insane.

The first band Let's Wrestle was british indie rock, that was nothing special. And by nothing special I mean you were better off to go to the Savoy next door and drink their $2 cans of beer. I didn't do this however because I think this was the only night The Rickshaw Theatre has ever offered Old Milwaukee on the drink menu, so I did a few of those. Not to mention I had to work the next…

Top Ten Shows of 2010 (Pt.4)


4. Friday March 19th 2010, Dangers @ La Casa Del Artista.

I sucked at seeing bands this night. I was walking as fast as I could, but when I showed up I saw the dudes from Burning Ghats sweating it up on the sidewalk and knew I blew it. After talking with them I eventually went in, paid, hung out by myself and then took off to meet up with Johnny at his jam space. Beers, Anion, some dude was taking photos, more beers and some Cursed. I think we took just too long and guess what, boom missed Congress too. Bummer, but at least things are set up to see the out of town band Dangers, who had just months previous backed up a killer first album with an even better effort. In this genre you have to respect a band for doing that because it seems to happen so rarely. I enjoy too many bands who's first album is their best album. 

And guess what? They tore the place a new one. The singer was the smallest dude with the biggest mouth. He took this stereotype to a new plac…

Top Ten Shows of 2010 (Pt.3)

6. Saturday November 27th 2010, Native American Spearhead, Wolvozomberine & Glorywhore @ The Astoria.

This show makes the list simply because it was so strange and hilarious. About a week or so before this gig I received a text message from my pal Dusty asking me if I was going to the Alexisonfire show. I replied, 'at the forum? Yuck.' So he informs me that he worked with a guy who told him that his band was going to be playing the Astoria with 3 Inches of Blood and Alexisonfire as an afterparty to the PNE Forum show. I looked into it and found a poster on the internet for this crazy show that he was talking about. The poster had both bands playing under pseudonyms, a couple of well placed logos, and all the ticket buying info on it. The next day I went out and bought 4 tickets, not knowing who they'd be for, but not worried in the least that I'd be stuck with any. Not to mention they were only $12. I instantly felt sorry for the suckers who probably shelled out $4…