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Top Ten shows of the year 2012 Pt. 1

Top Tens seem to be all the rage, so I built this one. Some of these shows I really had to think back to what happened. Strangely enough I seem to remember the ones that I was drinking at better than the ones where I stayed sober. What is that saying?

10. Saturday, June 2nd 2012
The Hookers, Ancients, The Jolts & El Camaro
Funky Winkerbeans

We burned it down to this show early because I knew El Camaro was going to be playing first and everyone who was smart followed me. El Camaro is from the Netherlands and sound pretty much like Zeke. The singer and the guitarist were both wearing Zeke shirts, I'm guessing they had played with Zeke the night before in Seattle and when you're on tour a clean shirt is a clean shirt. So if you love Zeke you will love this band. Basically I've just put the word Zeke in this review more times than all the other bands that played combined. Now that's a feat. You've got to be a truly awful writer to pull something like that off. Anyw…

Top 10 Shows of the year 2012. Honourable Mentions.

2012 got off to a rough start for me. I wasn't even able to work for the first 4 months of the year, so I missed out on a ton of good shows as well. But things picked up, I got back to work and out to some shows and by summertime I was killing it. Here are the honourable mentions for shows I saw in 2012.

April 14th, 2012. MODS vs ROCKERS @ The Rickshaw Theatre featuring; The Vicious Cycles, The Tranzmitors, The Radii & The Injectors.

This was probably the first show I was able to get out to all year and it was a doozy. The Injectors kicked it into high gear early with their brand of raging punk rock n roll, and were followed by the Radii. They were considerably mellower, but they had a cute singer in a pink dress so that was good enough for me. Now I'd like to mention that I hate it when somebody bills a show as a 'vs' type thing as if it's some sort of boxing match or competition. It's such a lame theme for a gig that it makes me want to vomit on their gig …