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Gimme more: The Ramores.

Can you smell that? It’s October. The month of goblins, tiny chocolate bars, illegal fireworks, missing fingers, fake blood and stupid kids demanding candy because they are wearing a stupid piece of cardboard on their stupid face with two stupid eyeholes cut out of it. And what would October be without the punk rock cover band? They surface every year around this time, put on a costume and pretend to be someone else, just like those stupid little kids. The only difference? These bags of bones are much more talented than the greedy grub standing at your front door waiting for a handout.

My interviewee is none other than Joey Ramore, lead vocalist of The Ramores: the finest Ramones tribute band around. But because that doesn’t pay the bills, The Ramores occasionally have been known to dress up in black denim and perform original songs as The Jolts.  
dm: How did you come up with the name The Ramores?
Joey Ramore: It was a running joke between Ricky (original guitar player) and I before we …


I have decided to start a blog based solely on the underground local music scene in Vancouver. Between writing for Absolute Underground and The Skinny Magazine I find myself writing on this topic all the time anyway, so I might as well continue on with my endless mission to promote various shows and bands in the local scene.

Sometimes my articles never go to print, so this will be a great place to post them.

Sometimes my articles do go to print, but later down the line they are still relevant. So I will be digging up old interviews (and possibly reviews) and posting them here.

Other than that I will try to review/photograph most shows that I attend and even do a few interviews here and there when I find the time, which shouldn't be too difficult as it seems like The Skinny Magazine has hit a large speed bump and Absolute Underground only comes out every other month.

So the main focus of the blog will be punk, hardcore and metal bands around the city and surrounding areas, and any …