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Ear Goggles: The Final Chapter

When I started writing the Vancouver Vengeance article for Absolute Underground Clayton Holmes of Eargoggles and Cobalt bartending fame was one of my first interviews. He invited me into his home, showed me how his keg worked and showed me a little hole in the wall pub close to his house. During this time we consumed way too many beers, and I may have even conducted an interview. Not sure how it turned out, but I do remember the bartender thinking twice about serving us that last one. It was a hilarious night, and when I heard that Clay had finally finished putting together the latest installment of Eargoggles I decided it was time to resurrect the blog to try and help get the word out.

   In the past every issue of EarGoggles was free to the public if you knew where to find it. Just giving DVDs away? Is he mad? Maybe. This go around Clay decided to fire up a kickstarter page to raise the funds to make EarGoggles 7. "I was hoping to get $1000 to help me make a ton of copies, bu…