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Likely Strugglers CD Review.

Yeah I'll admit it. Sometimes I suck at writing. Sometimes I write CD reviews without even listening to the CD. And to make matters worse I even submit them to magazines. I'm the worst.

LIKELY RADS – Legends In Denim Independent
The Likely Rads are the self-proclaimed best band in Vancouver and they have released a brand new tape. It is clearly a CD, but their insistence on referring to it as a tape had me attempting to play it in my tape player. Things went horribly wrong. After days of scratching my head and repeatedly hitting the play button as hard as I could I decided it was high time to put this CD in the CD player. What a row! They play fast, they yell, and drums are hit hard. Anger and hate are not spit from the mouth of Professor No Pants (self-proclaimed best singer in the city) but more so fun and lyrics about love and soft little bunnies and stuff. Professor No Pants is the self-proclaimed best lyricist in all of the city, but the undeclared best stripper, hence the n…