Likely Strugglers CD Review.

Yeah I'll admit it. Sometimes I suck at writing. Sometimes I write CD reviews without even listening to the CD. And to make matters worse I even submit them to magazines. I'm the worst.

LIKELY RADS – Legends In Denim

The Likely Rads are the self-proclaimed best band in Vancouver and they have released a brand new tape. It is clearly a CD, but their insistence on referring to it as a tape had me attempting to play it in my tape player. Things went horribly wrong. After days of scratching my head and repeatedly hitting the play button as hard as I could I decided it was high time to put this CD in the CD player. What a row! They play fast, they yell, and drums are hit hard. Anger and hate are not spit from the mouth of Professor No Pants (self-proclaimed best singer in the city) but more so fun and lyrics about love and soft little bunnies and stuff. Professor No Pants is the self-proclaimed best lyricist in all of the city, but the undeclared best stripper, hence the name No Pants. Insanely enough the Likely Rads also have the self-proclaimed best guitarist in the city. His name is Burger because he loves to eat hot dogs. And they have a drummer, but he is a dumb one. Oh no wait, that’s Adam. Sorry, I read that wrong. Anyway this CD is awesome, find it, but don’t put it in your tape player.

THE STRUGGLERS – Astra-Per-Aspera

The Strugglers’ band name is a fa├žade. Yes the band may consist of over the hill punk rockers, but musically they don’t seem to be struggling at all. These 40 something’s are kicking out the jams in a big way! But did I mention they were old? These guys aren’t just over the hill, they’re rolling down the other side. When you go to a Strugglers show the ladies don’t throw their underwear on the stage, they throw depends. This is old school punk rock, emphasis on the old, and if you don’t believe me the album even has covers of The Misfits and Bad Brains on it. If you ever wind up becoming as old as these guys and you’re able to rock half as hard, you better thank your lucky stars. But I’d advise you not to try and keep up with them, unless you bring a second liver along. If I hadn’t have already mentioned 6 times in this review that The Strugglers are all a bunch of old farts you never would have been able to tell just by listening to the record. In my experience aging punk rockers seem to know the game the best.


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