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PUNK NEWS! Jan 16th-22nd 2012

Punk News #2

Van Halen released their first new single in years onto the internet to the opposite of rave reviews. The song's unfavourable reviews came on because the bulk of their fanbase is unable to work the internet. Another source has said that the negative feedback was mainly due to the song sucking.

Mtl's Tightrope and Ont's Brutal Youth have released a 10" split, and I've already listened to it. Why? Because it is posted right here, and it rocks.

In other news apparently emo kids are still crying about Thursday's break up back in November. Some one told them to shut up because The Suicide Machines were booking gigs again. Somehow I doubt they'll head west, but man do I ever love The Suicide Machines.


Vancouver indie punk act Carpenter have announced that they are writing a new album. And to this I say announce when it is done. Or quit you…

Jan 9th-15th 2012 Punk News.

Last month I hit the most views ever on my blog, by double, and then this month I ran out of ideas.

Then I came up with the idea of bringing back the Punk News thing that I was doing for The Skinny Magazine cause it was a fun format, and kept things recent. Going weekly? That's what I've spelled out in the title, ok, let's see if I can stick to that.

#1 Punk News! An article where I spell out some good punk (and what not) type gigs in the city, along with band news and views in the world of good music. With an exclamation point on local, but sometimes stretching out into news of the more mainstream variety. Always easier to make fun of that crap.

And might as well start with that right now. The At The Drive-In reunion from this morning was upstaged by the Refused reunion from this afternoon. Looks as if someone uploaded the first look at bands playing the Coachella festival this year. Wait, did I say bands? I meant reunion acts and DJs.

First Black Sabbath announce a new a…