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A Show in Memory of Mike Woods.

I've been posting a lot about The Winston Campaign and my friend Mike lately. He took his life recently, and the scene that he loved and was a part of here in Vancouver has brought together some of his favourite bands to play a show in his honour and memory.

It will be taking place at Pat's Pub this Saturday (July 23rd) and the show will begin at 9pm. Among a slideshow, and Winston Campaign tribute act the show will feature shortened sets by Impeders of Progress, Anion, The Belushis, Jones Bones and To The Nines, with all the proceeds going to a local charity.

I wrote out some memories of Mike Woods on my other blog, but wanted to share one more story about him here. It was during the Olympics that we found ourselves at The Rickshaw Theatre watching a show. The Jolts had just wrapped up a great set, and DOA was rocking hard on stage. For some reason I talked Mike into taking off with me to check out another show across town. Some mutual friends of ours were putting it on and w…

THE WINSTON CAMPAIGN - From Riches Back To Rags.

As promised here is Part 2 of the interview I did with The Winston Campaign. It was cool to look back at the unedited version of this because there was so much of it. I had to cut out a lot to fit it into the pages of Absolute Underground over 2 issues. This version gives you a way better look into what sounded like an unreal trip. It also gives you a much better view of how funny and real Mike Woods was. Telling it like it is was something he was very good at. 

R.I.P. Mike, you were truly an original.  

THE WINSTON CAMPAIGN 2 - From Riches Back To Rags. 

The last Vancouver Vengeance article ended with The Winston Campaign trashing a high end green room in a Mexican night club with who they thought was the owner (Roberto) until they were rudely interrupted by seven large bouncers in bullet proof vests, and one angry Mexican in a suit. We’ll pick up the interview from there.

Dan: So seven giant Mexican bouncers with bulletproof vests storm into the room with a little Mexican guy who is we…