A Show in Memory of Mike Woods.

I've been posting a lot about The Winston Campaign and my friend Mike lately. He took his life recently, and the scene that he loved and was a part of here in Vancouver has brought together some of his favourite bands to play a show in his honour and memory.

It will be taking place at Pat's Pub this Saturday (July 23rd) and the show will begin at 9pm. Among a slideshow, and Winston Campaign tribute act the show will feature shortened sets by Impeders of Progress, Anion, The Belushis, Jones Bones and To The Nines, with all the proceeds going to a local charity.

I wrote out some memories of Mike Woods on my other blog, but wanted to share one more story about him here. It was during the Olympics that we found ourselves at The Rickshaw Theatre watching a show. The Jolts had just wrapped up a great set, and DOA was rocking hard on stage. For some reason I talked Mike into taking off with me to check out another show across town. Some mutual friends of ours were putting it on and we figured we could link up with everyone there and party late into the evening. So after a bus ride and a walk in the cold we got there, and it was a ghost town. We got a drink, came to the conclusion that we may as well just go back to The Rickshaw and took off. This time we hailed a cab, and even though it was all my terrible idea to leave the first show Mike didn't complain once or call me out on my bad ideas. When we got back to the original show the bouncer out front asked to see our wrist bands, but for some strange reason when we left the show I ripped mine off. This guy wasn't going to let me in even though I had a ticket in my pocket. He was clearly being an asshole and Mike pulled him aside to discuss the matter. At first I watched as the bouncer turned away from me, and then realized Mike was just diverting his attention so I could slip passed him and back into the show. I got up on the good foot and quickly went into the theatre. Mike caught up to me in no time because he wasn't actually trying to have a conversation with the bouncer. We laughed about it over a cold one, and I just thought it was funny that without even looking at one another we had set a plan into motion. We understood each other, and part of me wants to understand why he killed himself. You'll never be able to get answers to these types of things though.

All there is left to do is celebrate his life rather than wonder if there was anything you could have done to change the outcome. Mike would have wanted us to have a big party in his honour and I'm really glad that Dan and Johnny got it all hashed out. So even if you didn't know Mike I think Saturday will be a special night with lots of great bands and people coming together to remember Mike Woods.


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