Uptown Riot - Light Up The Jockstraps CD REVIEW

UPTOWN RIOT – Light up the Jockstraps

Uptown Riot is a badass street punk band from the mean streets (not really) of Vancouver. They sing songs about getting drunk, being broke, and not letting the man get you down. Yes, all the major basis are covered. The band has some real charisma with everyone cashing in on vocal duties, even Toothless Dave the wildman drummer, known for occasionally playing shows in a hockey helmet, jockstrap and nothing but. Paymon the Barber on guitars fires from all different angles from the hardcore ‘0% Down’ the punk drenched ‘Big Boss Man’, the melodic ‘Anarchy Train’, and even a mean ska breakdown on the lively ‘Head Up High’. Conrad on the bass rounds out the trio’s lineup and he throws out some of the most solid bass playing I’ve heard on a punk rock record in a long time. It’s easy to tell that Uptown Riot are influenced by all things Vancouver including Wendy Thirteen and The Cobalt, add this to their perfect amount of pissed off and you’ve got a hot album on your hands. Coming out at the tail end of 2010 this was easily one of the best punk rock records I heard all year.

Be sure to catch Uptown Riot live @ Funky Winkerbeans this Thursday March 31st, opening for The Restarts, legendary UK punks.


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