BAPTISTS - So Very Crushing.

Here is an interview that ran in a Jan 2010 issue of Absolute Underground. Since it went to print Baptists have released an epic 7" record on Southern Lord records, and destroyed The Biltmore in doing so. Next they are taking on the new stage at Funky Winkerbeans this Friday March 18th, and if it is anything like the last time they played that venue then this show is not to be missed. Here is the interview:

Baptists are the second coming of Jaws, and just like Jaws the movie, this band was definitely in need of a sequel. Baptists features members of Ladyhawk, Congress and an ex-member of A Textbook Tragedy. These four dudes bring the neck work out that headbangers dream of, and from the minute they start playing you will not be able to think or look elsewhere. After Jaws called it quits in the summer of 2009 there was a small void in the hardcore community of wild, unrelenting and unpredictable front men, but never fear, Andrew Drury is back with a vengeance and seemingly more pissed off than ever.

 AU: How did you come up with the band name Baptists? And is there any meaning behind it?

Andrew: I didn’t come up with the band name, Danny did. When I asked him the meaning yesterday, he responded "nothing."

AU: Jaws was a wicked band that had built itself a good name, why change it?

Andrew: Why change a joke band name? But for real, we had a final show, which meant we were done. Reunions are usually bogus and starting something new just felt right.

AU: To me the difference between Jaws and Baptists is a band name and a drummer. What's the difference to you?  

Andrew: We're collectively about one hundred times more serious about this band than Jaws. It seems like Wonderboy Nick knows the songs before Danny even shows them to him. His drumming is just straight up ridiculous. Sean has been getting the songs down super fast too and I've definitely put more effort into finding a better medium between mixing lyrics and rhythm. We've been jamming once a week, which is quite a change from our monthly Jaws jams. Come on though, the songs are different, right?   

 AU: It's safe to say you're a wild frontman, lunging into crowds, jumping off stages and all kinds of stomping and moshing. What on earth drives you to put on such a passionate performance?

Andrew: I wouldn't consider myself to be a "wild" frontman. I feel privileged to be in a band with such talented dudes. While they're doing their thing, I'm not holding a guitar, or smashing drums, so moving around a bunch is the result. Most of the time I barely even remember what happened during a show. I must have a switch in my brain that clicks into show mode. A whole set can just turn into a giant blur. I'll have people come up to me after a set saying, "thanks for smashing me into the ground," and if they hadn't told me, I would have never known. It actually makes me worry that I come off as a total douche. What about that poor dude that I hurt and never apologized to, ya know? I guess that's just the power of the riff.

AU: I heard a story about a life changing injury you went through, what happened there?

Andrew: I'm not going to go too deep into this, but basically: My leg got crushed under a cement mixer. I almost died from blood loss, spent over a month in the hospital, being told that they'd have to cut my leg off; had three blood transfusions; got an artery grafted from one leg to the other; lost half my calf muscle; completely tore my ACL, PCL, and MCL; had six or so surgeries, then skin grafts, and now I've got endless nerve pain and a permanently wobbly, piece of crap leg.

AU: Has this changed your live performance at all?

Andrew: Very much so. I'm working on jumping off of, and landing on my good leg. Kinda like Karate Kid's swan kick.

AU: What's up with your dog Dingus? He looks crazy.

Andrew: Oh man, he is crazy. He's a purebred blue nose pitbull and I think that "purebred" actually means inbred. He listens well, is super socialized, and pretty smart, but he's wall eyed and always gets dominated at the park to the point that he gets humped daily by chihuahuas. I think he might have been the runt of the litter or something. He probably gives off weird runt vibes that make other dogs wanna beat on him. A cool tidbit about him is that he has a vegan straight edge tattoo with the number 13 under it. Maybe when I took him in to get neutered and tagged the vet saw me and was all like "this guy would totally appreciate this" and then tattoos XVX 13 in his ear.   

AU: If you could get one message across to your scene what would it be? 

Andrew: Have fun, be yourself and don't be scared of being judged by anyone. 

AU: Your side project Dead Meat, where you played guitar rather than sang, is done. Do you have any other projects other than Baptists on the go?

Andrew: I'm a busy guy, but I've been writing songs since Dead Meat's demise. I've had a few jams with some friends and should have something going pretty quick here. My monthly Long and McQuade bill should be incentive enough to make use of my gear.

AU: Baptists has landed on a few hot gigs thus far in it’s career, share some highlights and lowlights.

Andrew: Highlights came from shows that I was less pumped on and lowlights came from shows that I was more pumped on. It was really nice to see a bunch of shiny new faces at that Holly Springs Disaster show. The kids there were so enthusiastic. People get bitter and antisocial with age. Kids just wanna rock.

AU: How long until you guys are signed to Metal Blade?

Andrew: Ha, not happening! We did just sign a secret little contract, though. I'll keep you posted on that one.

AU: Future plans for Baptists? 

Andrew: Tour, record, and hopefully stay injury free.  


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