A Joyce Collingwood double shot.

So apparently counting down my top ten favourite shows of the year burnt me out on this blog, but it's time to pick it up again! Seeing as it mainly consists of copying and pasting old articles that I have written it shouldn't be too hard to keep it up.

This time I bring you an interview I did with the singer from Joyce Collingwood that ran in The Skinny Magazine about a year ago, and I will do it justice by altering the last question about future plans to keep you in the know about their big plans for tomorrow night!

Because I hate browsing the internet trying to find pictures of the band or posters of the upcoming gig, I'm just going to pull one out of my own personal collection. It's a shot of me and Juli. As you can see she is pretty bad ass, and I am not. But it's just so you get an idea of who I was speaking to.

And on a side note: WOW, I've just read the opening paragraph of this interview for the first time in a long time, and wow. What was I thinking? The Skinny Magazine used to let me get away with murder. Hopefully they can make a comeback someday so I can get them to put all kinds of horrible words in print again for me. I guess it's OK to push the limits when you're interviewing a friend.  

Joyce Collingwood – She’s hot
By: denis maile

Joyce Collingwood gives me wood. Show us yer tits! Camel toe! These are the things I would yell towards the stage at a Joyce Collingwood show if I were some kind of sexist pig, or if I had way too many drinks drunked. Is yelling sexist remarks at an all girl punk band a thing of the past? One would hope so, but for entertainments sake one might not hope so. It’s funny to see how an entertainer will deal with such a thing, and also funny to look at the heathen that would heave such barbaric insults. Not saying that spitting sexism is funny, but if someone yells out ‘show us your twat,’ you better be damn sure I’m gonna look, with slight astonishment on my face, at whoever would let such haggard remarks leave their lips and then back to the stage to see if an awkward pause sets in. But all trashiness aside, Joyce Collingwood is the shit and I interviewed their lead singer Juli to find out how this came to be. 

The Skinny: All girl punk bands are nothing new to the world (not that much is these days) but what sets you apart from the rest?

Juli: There are a lot of all girl punk bands around, but just like "regular" punk bands, few make the cut for being both successful and maintaining creative control. What sets us apart is that we work really hard at getting our set tight and we like to constantly challenge ourselves. We want you to be able to close your eyes and not tell what sex is playing.

The Skinny: What do you sing about? Riot grrl power?  

Juli: Riot grrl was a movement that happened in the early 90s and pretty much reached a grinding halt towards the millennium with the help of the media and the music industry's commercializing of an underground cultural movement. You know, it happens to nearly every genre in one way or another. But, yeah, we do sing about power and street hustlers, dogs, seagulls, fame, yuppies and the drudge of the everyday. 

The Skinny: What would you say to someone who claims punk rock is a man's game?

Juli: Anyone who claims punk rock is some exclusive game will find themselves alone and angry. And then beat up by millions of young angry punk girls. So many women have influenced the punk scene over the years from Siouxsie & The Banshees to Austin hardcore, like Lynn Truell from The Dicks. 

The Skinny: Has the band ever had to deal with any sexism yet in it’s career? Like people yelling dirty comments while you're on stage, or even dirty comments off stage? 

Juli: We usually tell each other dirty comments off stage and on stage. But if it happens it is all part of the game. The thing is, we are the ones with the mics, so throw something at us.

The Skinny: Best moments at a Joyce Collingwood show thus far?

Juli: We played Squamish in October with Lab Rat and other local talent. It was probably the best show we played so far in terms of the energy felt on stage. One of the chicks we met said that this was the first time they had so many girls show up, both in the band and in the pit, which is reason enough to really give'r, you know what I mean?

The Skinny: What are your ties to the Joyce-Collingwood skytrain station? 

Juli: Absolutely none. Twitch and I thought of the name when we were drunk, waiting at the wrong platform stranded at a different skytrain. The Translink security was trying to have an overfriendly conversation with us like we were two cougars at a bar and we were like, haha! Translink can suck our balls! Actually we were like, ‘Joyce Collingwood, that's good,’ and then walked away.

The Skinny: I'm sensing some real ethnicity amongst the band. What are some of the ethnic backgrounds of your band members? 

Juli: If I told you, you would feel like you were casting a porn flick. In our band ethnicity, like femininity, is rarely talked about as anything more than a joke. "Where are you from" pretty much translates to "what are you?” You can't shove everyone into one category.

The Skinny: And what are some of the musical backgrounds that you all came from? 

Juli: We have all played in other bands here and in other countries, some metal, rock and punk. Swine used to DJ in London. We meld all our experiences into something fast and short and powerful.

The Skinny: What's the opposite of cock rock?  

Juli: Rock cock. The hard on we give you.

The Skinny: Other than your upcoming show, what are the band’s future plans? 

Juli: This Thursday we are playing Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell from 9-11pm CiTR 101.9 or stream at citr.ca. Then we are playing at Honey (455 Abbot) with Heavy Chains and No LA Kill and DJPopDrones MusicWaste's fundraiser! $5 cover charge if you arrive before 11pm. 


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