Boogie with The Boogieman Jordon Daniel.

Did you ever wonder what the cool kids did at their house parties? You imagined it to be like a jam session in the living room where people were smoking cigarettes, and drinkin' Olde English straight from the bottle. People were making out, and a bear was playing the bass. In a back room the crazy guy spits his beer on people as they try to talk about bands you've never heard of before, and at the end of the night everyone takes their clothes off for a sweaty dance party. Is this what you pictured?

Well if this is the case then you need to witness the new music video for The Boogieman Jordon Daniel's song 'No Axe To Grind' and all your realizations will be realized. Shot in a Vancouver house, with his Vancouver friends it's a real sharp video.

Back in April of last year the first bar show I ever put on and promoted in this city had The Boogieman as the headlining act. Between him and the door girl was the reason we made some serious coin that night. She didn't stop working the door until he was halfway through his set and he had all kinds of friends show up late and pay full cover. I guess that's what friends are for, supporting and encouraging your talents. May have been why I wrote this blog as well.

For a free download of The Boogieman Jordon Daniel's album 'Blues Pops and Jazz Smokes' visit his website:
Definitely worth checking out.


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