Blog Resurrection.

It's been a very long time since I've updated this blog. What can I say? I got bored of writing about Vancouver music. This has nothing to do with the actual music (Vancouver still has an enormous melting pot of talented bands and musicians) I just got caught up in the politics of it all. I was writing for certain zines, getting used for my talents and receiving nothing in return except for the headache of dealing with unorganized people, so I said, 'fuck it, I'm gonna write what I want when I want.' And while this leads to not much being published I am certainly more happy writing heinous little stories and jokes in my word document rather than being asked to write about some band from butt fuck USA that I don't give two shits about. To be honest the whole ordeal with this magazine really put a sour taste in my mouth for writing about music. Combine that with some real life problems and this blog has suffered exponentially. But amazingly enough it still gets a ton of views! A blog that hasn't been updated for over two years really shouldn't garner as many views as this one does. But it's got to be the music that people want to read about, not the writing, right? Maybe that was another problem, I caught wind that I was a talented writer and it may have gone to my head and made me think why should I be getting fucked around by some two bit magazine to get my words on paper when I can just lock myself in my bedroom, deal with no one and post my words to the internet. Is this coming off angry? I try not to hold grudges, but fool me once shame on you, fool me twice and I'm the fool.

So why resurrect the blog now? To be honest I meant to bring it back last month and write a piece about the Human Resistance Program reunion shows that were happening. That was a band I loved back in the day and would have been easy to put a humourous spin on it with the drummer now playing in Hedley, but sadly motivation was hard to come by and it still sits in the drafts folder. They almost had me writing the piece in said magazine but I wasn't getting sucked back in there unless there was something in return and they refused to do a piece on my band, so once again I said, 'fuck it.' I need them about as much as I need a bad hair day. They'll always show up, but I'd rather not be under it. Sorry to Heath for not pulling that one off, hope the shows were epic. I missed those as well due to once again a lack of motivation. This stuff is hard to come by!

Anyway, there's my update. Vancouver still rocks! Sometimes when I go out to shows people ask me about my writing. It's funny when you're writing it just seems like the most thankless job in the world and that no one is even reading it or could care less, but once I stopped doing it people started asking about it. They'd ask me who I was writing for so they could pick up that mag, and I always had the same answer that I wasn't writing for anyone. I wouldn't divulge the details of why, but instead just tell them that I was burnt out on the whole thing, to which they would almost always reply that I shouldn't give up on it because I was good at it, or tell me things like they loved how I'd always try to put little jokes in my articles. I would always thank them, and then go one to wonder if I ever got even the slightest amount of praise from the the magazines I was writing for, would I still be writing for them? If there's any editors reading this right now, please take note. Don't take your writers for granted. Especially the talented ones that are writing for free.

I will stick with this blog for now. I have the first real entry coming soon. And if you're in a band from Vancouver and area with a show coming up or some music coming out feel free to hit me up. Or even if you're a band that has just released some music and want me to review it, hit me up and maybe I'll find the motivation to write about you.


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