Trash Talk & Depressing @ The Waldorf May 26th, 2012

Color Magazine had sponsored a party at the Waldorf featuring none other than LA's Trash Talk, and that's a band I definitely couldn't miss because they shred. Showed up late, same old story, missed the first band, they were called Needs. They were in needs of a later time slot.

Depressing was number two on the bill and they threw down so hard. I talked to my friend about them afterwards and he said something along the lines of it sounding like Nirvana driving down the street drinking whiskey and listening to Motorhead. That made me laugh. There is definitely some tone comparisons that could be made to those bands, as it seems Depressing like it dirty, but they are angrier than the former and darker than the latter. Depressing features the singer of Baptists, but here he is rocking a guitar and doing a nice job of it. Depressing also features the singer of Burning Ghats, but here he is rocking a bass and supplying the bulk of vocals. Andrew is no slouch in that department as we all know from his work in Baptists and the trade off between the two of them is nice.

You can tell these dudes grew up in the 90s based on their sound, which I can't even peg for you. It's grungy punk stuff. Some of the newer songs even have a bit of a stoner groove that is a good switch up from the meaner hardcore stuff that they are beyond capable of pulling off if their first album is any point of reference. And it is. Plus it was one of my more favourite things I heard last year, so type depressing into bandcamp and get yourself some free music.

There was a big ramp set up outside and they had been having a ramp party all day. In other words the bar stank like skateboarders.

I've never had the pleasure of seeing Trash Talk before but they claimed to have played in Vancouver 5 years ago and spent 3 hours here. The singers claims of it being weird were pretty funny. When he asked if anyone was at that show all of 2 people cheered, and nobody even believed that they were actually there.

Physically the singer was amazing. He'd call for circle pits and jump right down there with everyone to be in the thick of the action, stirring it up. At one point in between songs I think the bouncer told him to calm it down and he proceeded to do a front flip into the audience. First of many. All long hair flailing and chuck taylors flying, this guy was an animal. I'm not quite sure if the Waldorf was used to shows like this. Pretty sure they aren't actually. The next time the singer and the bouncer interacted the singer was shaking his fist at him and making angry ape noises, then he called for another circle pit, and the bouncer couldn't help but smile. He must have realized he'd probably only made things worse.

Both the bassist and guitarist are big black dudes with big black beards. It's safe to say the guitarist was one bad ass looking dude, it didn't even matter that he had on a Boyz II Men t-shirt that was loose around the neck, nobody was trying to mess with that guy. Not to mention he had his little buddy the flying monkey who was busy picking on bouncers and whipping up the crowd into a frenzy.

Between songs the singer told the audience that they had done a Nardwuar interview and he had blown their mind with his research. "How does he know I do pottery?" The singer asked to no one in particular.

They played all the songs from their latest EP 'Awake' that I wanted to hear and everything off 'Eyes and Nines' too. Those songs especially stood out as being particularly killer. I'd definitely recommend getting that album if this kind of music is your bag. Hardcore thrash. During the last song the guitarist climbed up on the speaker stack and sat down to rock. Next thing you know the singer was up there beside him hanging from the ceiling. Yeah, Trash Talk had arrived. A seriously crazy energy like no other. Shit got wild.

Photos courtesy of my own damn self! 


  1. "his little buddy the flying monkey" Hahahaha.

    That last photo sums it up nicely.


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