B-B-B-Best of 2011

The time of year is upon us where you're supposed to look back and reflect upon the year that was. End of year, it is here, again. So I've decided to run down some of my favourite bands in this city that begin with the letter B. That makes sense right?

Baptists - Badass hardcore with a live show that's not to be fucked with.
Bison BC - Big time bangers bust out burly bovine music.
Black Wizard - More bangers bash out some sick stoner groove metal with riffs for miles.
Black Amps - Balls out and beefy rock n roll soup. Bring some bread for dipping.
Black Mountain - What would a Vancouver best of list be without Black Mountain?
Blacked Out - Originally from Banff these boozers booze it up with their brand of skate punk.
B-Lines - Bus riding, upbeat, fast tempo garage rock with a singer who does not give a flying fuck.
Burning Ghats - Brutal death metal that will beat your skull in while reaching break neck speeds.
Blondewich - Babes playing beach music.
Bone Daddies - Ska buds.
Blisterin' Barnacles - A bunch of booty searchin' punk rock playing boozehounds.
Bend Sinister - Piano man rips off Benny and The Jets, and gets away with it.  
BMNSTR - Burgeoning rock n roll.
Boogie Monster - Burning faces off. Literally.
Boogie Man Jordan Daniel - Boo, it's the Boogie Man! Bashing out some rock n roll folky tunes for the people.

That's more B's than you can shake a stick at. Also check out Black Banana Records out of Vancouver bringing you two B's for the price of one.

Sadly we lost some good B bands in the city this year, Bogus Tokus and Battle Snakes will be missed greatly. As well as Burn in Hell. It's off to the braveyard with them.

Once again I would like to point out how many talented bands this city has, and that was only ones starting with the letter B! Feel free to add to the list if I missed any. OK, maybe a real year end blog will follow.

This Blog was brought to you By the letter 'B'.


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