Blisterin' Barnacles live on Rock N Roll Avenue.

I haven't written a blog in ages. I haven't written anything in ages. I'm not sure why. I think it's because I've been writing so much music lately, but either way it's time to get on the rock n roll journalist thing again, and what a better place to start than rock n roll avenue. Here's a CD review that ran in the recent pages of Absolute Underground. I wrote it a while back, but it couldn't fit into that issue, and was pushed to this one. So even though I haven't written anything in ages it's still nice to have something in the mag.

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Thousands of thundering typhoons! Blisterin’ Barnacles! Naming your band after a curse word spit from the drunken mouth of Captain Haddock is hilarious. I never understood how him and Tin Tin were such good friends. He was a drunken lout, and Tin Tin carried a tiny white dog everywhere he went. Not to mention there never seemed to be any women around in their stories and the good Captain was a man of the sea, so that could be a whole different story altogether. Anyway back to punk rock, Blisterin’ Barnacles are dirty street punk from the dirty streets of Abbotsford. This is jean jacket, cigarette smokin’ kind of music, and with songs like ‘Ugly Drunk’ and ‘Just Say Fuck’ you can tell it is booze-fueled as well. There’s some real sharp guitar leads, and the vocals are mean, but not so mean you can’t relate. “I’m addicted to masturbating and I like it more than dating.” The CD looks like a record so that’s cool right? Vinyl is hip these days. And Rock n Roll Avenue is the coolest avenue I’ve heard of since the electric one. One day I hope to visit both of these places.

Blisterin' Barnacles play tomorrow night JUNE 10th @ Pat's Pub, opening for The Matadors! 


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